Telehealth from Body Wellness

Body Wellness is happy to be offering telehealth sessions for new and existing patients through Doxy. Doxy is an online, HIPAA compliant platform that allows us to have a face to face session. While we realize virtual visits cannot completely replace in-person sessions, it is a safe option that offers continuity of care while we are all social distancing.

How it works

Fill out the form below, or email us at Please let us know which therapist you would like to schedule with.

Indicate whether you would like a 25 or 50 minute session. The cost for a 25 minute session is $80, and a 50 minute session is $160.

We will send a link to the virtual waiting room for your therapist via DOXY. Prior to your session, think of any issues or concerns you want to address with your therapist. It may also be helpful to have a small area in which to do exercises accessible.

Click on the link for DOXY when you are ready to enter.

At the conclusion of the session, your therapist will discuss payment options and send you a superbill similar to the one you receive at an in person session. The majority of insurance companies are currently reimbursing for telehealth, but if you are unsure about your plan, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider for specifics.